Combs and Bushes

We stock a range of combs and brushes. Please come in and talk to us about which combs and brushes will best suit your dog.

We stock a range of products in store, here are just a few..

Aloe Vera Jelly

Not only is aloe great for us, it's great for our four-legged friends too. We apply it to any red patches or irritated skin. 

Fragrace Spray

Our fragrance range you may recognise as familiar designer perfumes we humans wear ourselves. 

Paw fumes contain aloe vera, camomile and are vegan.

We use these fragrance sprays here at Scamps and we also sell them. Come in and try before you buy!

Spa Facial Cleaner

These products help to remove tear stains and beard stains.

These are great for cleaning dirt from faces, doesn't sting their eyes and is completely natural.

Ear wipes 

These wipes help prevent irritation that can cause infection.

They deodorise and soothes any itching.